• Baylen Scott McCarthy

    Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist.

  • What I Do.

    I show potential customers what makes your business unique.

    I use omni-channel marketing to get your message across.

    I build systems to help you understand your audience and streamline processes.

    I provide the tools that make your business thrive.

  • Connect with your customers.

    Get noticed.

    On Google's display and search ad networks.

    Sleek, responsive, and goal-driven.

  • Trackable and cost-effective advertising.

    Get found on the web.

    Gather valuable insights about your customers.

    Streamline the business processes that slow you down.

    Fulfillment from our sister company, SparkScribe.

  • My Experience.

    Manager of all media, both traditional and digital, that is placed for any of our diverse client list. Role includes campaign set-up, implementation, management, optimization, and regular reporting. Waters and Bridgman is the longest standing ad agency in Hampton Roads, and has won numerous rewards for their work.

    Marketing Manager

    Created proprietary source attribution analytic systems, recreated all pre-existing company marketing assets to deliver a consistent brand message (including the website www.JackcreteVA.com), and facilitated targeted campaigns through various mediums. Also worked on the structuring, pricing strategy, and implementation of the upcoming Jackcrete dealership.

    Website Design

    Creating a simple, functional website focused on conveying the experience and professionalism of RPC Industries. Also faced with the unique challenge of reducing the number of unqualified office call-ins by better conveying the complex nature of RPC's specific niche offerings.

    Taking an established brand that has been featured in academic journals and sold on QVC and updating all marketing assets to survive in the digital age. Project includes website design with e-commerce integration, Facebook and Google Advertising, and market research/ targeting strategy.

    Marketing Consultant

    Providing oversight on link building, earned media acquisition strategy, and site structure. OutWhere is scheduled to launch in late spring 2019.

    Website Design and Digital Advertising

    Creating an elegant, simplistic website to display the many offerings of a wedding rental company. This site has the dual objectives of driving initial conversations through a meeting request submission while also optimizing on-site rental purchases.

    Website Design

    Creating a simple, functional website to introduce the concept of assisted car purchasing to a high-end market. The primary goal for the website is to provide information about car purchasing, the methods used by dealerships and salespeople to upsell, and the little known tricks employed by people in the know to reduce the cost of a new vehicle.

    Creating an updated website focused around helping prospective customers find distributors, promoting adoption of Hartman Products to potential distributors, and educating both customers and distributors on the benefits of Hartman Products versus the current endwall options.


    Created a responsive website with unique member pages to accompany a brand relaunch. Project includes logo creation, copy editing, rack card templating, and website development. Project is time sensitive with only two weeks allotted between project commencement date and required completion date.

    Digital Marketing

    Advising the marketing strategy for a new athletic facility coming to Hampton Roads. Main duties include managing AdWords remarketing campaigns, Facebook advertising, and SEO.

    SEO and Data Analytics

    Website redesign to optimize on-page conversions, increase time on site, and decrease bounce rate. Installation of multi-tier analytical systems to allow for augmented conversion tracking, source value analysis, and future remarketing efforts.

    Website and Brand Development

    Working to build a single-page site for a photographer to showcase their work and attract more clients. Project includes website creation and logo creation.

    Website Development

    Built a responsive Wordpress site for a custom home construction contractor. Project included brand asset development, social media launch, and monthly localized SEO audits.

    Social Media Strategy

    Prepared a 4-month plan to optimize social media followership, engagement, and reach on existing channels and to use the festival weekend to launch a new channel (Snapchat). Ultimately successful with a massive uptick in each key metric during and following the festival weekend compared to engagement the previous year.

    SEO and Data Analytics Intern

    Created programs in excel for data collection and analysis and advised on Search Engine Optimization strategies to build organic reach. Advised on AdWords strategies to optimize ROAI in paid reach.

    Marketing Generalist

    Reorganized the store to align with best practices for merchandise presentation (as detailed in Why We Buy), managed the company social media page, and created marketing pieces for handouts and mailers.

    Google AdWords Certification

    Recognizes the certified party as professionally competent in the AdWords suite.

    NMI Programmatic Certification

    Recognizes the certified party as competent in programmatic ad acquisition, the processes occurring during programmatic campaigns, and the benefits of using programmatic systems.

  • My Team.

    Brian Kondor

    Wordpress Engineer

    Computer whiz, CNU alum, and Pokemon enthusiast.

    Graphic Designer

    Dog lover and expert designer.


    ODU alum, engineer, experienced photographer, and brother.

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