• Baylen Scott McCarthy

    Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist.

  • What I Do.

    I show potential customers what makes your business unique.

    I use omni-channel marketing to get your message across.

    I build systems to help you understand your audience and streamline processes.

    I provide the tools that make your business thrive.

  • Connect with your customers.

    Get noticed.

    On Google's display and search ad networks.

    Sleek, responsive, and goal-driven.

  • Trackable and cost-effective advertising.

    Get found on the web.

    Gather valuable insights about your customers.

    Streamline the business processes that slow you down.

  • My Experience.

    I oversee all media, both traditional and digital, that is placed for any of our diverse client list. This role includes campaign set-up, implementation, management, optimization, and regular reporting. Waters and Bridgman is the longest standing ad agency in Hampton Roads, and has won more than a few awards for their work.

    Marketing Manager

    My first position out of college. I created proprietary source attribution analytic systems, recreated all pre-existing company marketing assets to deliver a consistent brand message (including the website www.JackcreteVA.com), and facilitated targeted campaigns through various mediums. Also worked on the structuring, pricing strategy, and implementation of the upcoming Jackcrete dealership.

    Website Management and E-mail Marketing

    An organization with immeasurable regional importance. Through website restructuring and the creation of intelligent list management systems, HRGCC will be able to communicate with their members on a more individualized basis and better convey their value to prospects.


    The recreation of an established organization on the Virginia Peninsula. As part of a brand relaunch, new marketing collateral was made as well as a new logo and a new website. In order to launch the new and improved CIPBA at the upcoming State of the Park, the largest event of the year, this project had only two weeks allotted between project commencement date and the required completion date.

    Website Design

    A concise website focused on conveying the experience and professionalism of RPC Industries. As a niche contractor, RPC doesn't have services for everyone- one of the main goals of this new website is to reduce the number of unqualified office call-ins by better conveying the complex nature of RPC's unique offerings.

    Atlantic Lift Systems has grown substantially over the last few years, but it's web presence has stayed mostly stagnant. Worse yet, their site is not structured to optimize rentals or facilitate site flow. By making a simpler, more streamlined site, ALS will make the most of their digital presence.

    Atlas Master Companies

    Digital Advertising

    There is a difference between digital advertising and smart digital advertising, and that difference means real money. Through more defined conversion metrics, funnel systems, and targeted creative, cost per conversion shrunk and Atlas Master Companies was able to get more bang for their buck.

    A novel product, advertising strategy focuses on juxtaposing the traditional method of culvert drainage with the significantly easier system proposed by Hartman Products.

    Digital Advertising and Website Management

    A traditional home construction company without any online presence, this new site was meant as a foot-in-the-water step towards further digital initiatives. Simple and concise, the site is meant to show the beauty of the area and the options of the custom-built homes.

    One of the most exciting new breweries to Norfolk, Elation has made a name for themselves over the last year. This website is intended to showcase their impressive selection with images of each flagship beer, as well as promote events and new releases.

    Digital Marketing

    Latitude was a brand new rock gym to the Hampton Roads area looking to raise awareness prior to opening day. Through managed AdWords search, display, and remarketing campaigns, as well as Facebook advertising, the word got out about this new top-notch area attraction.

    Social Media Strategy

    The most fun project I've worked on! RUFIT is an oceanfront Crossfit, powerlifting, and olympic weightlifting competition that takes place in Virginia Beach. In an effort to improve social media engagement and brand reach, a 4-month posting schedule was made culminating with the launch of a new channel, Snapchat, during the festival weekend. This initiative was ultimately successful with a massive uptick in each key metric during and following the festival weekend compared to engagement the previous year.

    Marketing Consultant

    Providing oversight on link building, earned media acquisition strategy, and site structure. OutWhere is scheduled to launch in late spring 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for a new player in outdoors content marketing!

    Website Design and Digital Advertising

    An elegant, simplistic website to display the many offerings of a wedding rental company. This site has the dual objectives of driving initial conversations through a meeting request submission while also optimizing on-site rental purchases.

    Collateral Design and Media Placement

    A brand new company to City Center, RN the Know is trying to establish itself as a trusted source for advance care planning, CPR training, and other niche medical consulting services.

    Website Design

    An organized site to introduce the concept of car consulting to a high-end market. The primary goal for this website is to provide information on the many issues that arise with car ownership, and how having someone with years of industry experience can help prevent unneeded expenses and hassle.

    SEO and Data Analytics

    Jake was worried that his site was too difficult to navigate and that visitors may not understand what he was offering. I began my redesign focusing on breaking up the site into more digestible chunks by subject. It worked, too- over the following few months there was a noticeable drop in bounce rate, and increase in pages per visit, and a heightened time per user. After finishing with the redesign, systems were added to allow for augmented conversion tracking, source value analysis, and future remarketing efforts.

    Website Design

    MFS Photography is among the most established photographers in the Hampton Roads area. Though their work is top-notch, their web presence was lacking and didn't accurately reflect the quality or diversity of their work. Through a new minimalist website that focuses on providing examples of their work and the different areas of photography they serve, MFS Photography has gained a much needed web presence to help them attract more clients.

    Website Design and Brand Development

    A new photographer to the Hampton Roads area, this single-page site is meant to showcase the work of Passerby Photography in a compelling, clear way. The owner decided to pursue photography to "immortalize moments and demonstrate the fleeting nature of time". Using this compelling thought, I made a company name and logo to reflect his purpose.

    Christopher Duane Weddings

    SEO and Data Analytics Intern

    Created programs in excel for data collection and analysis and advised on Search Engine Optimization strategies to build organic reach. Towards the end of my internship, I advised on AdWords strategies to optimize ROAI in paid reach.

    Marketing Generalist

    Reorganized the store to align with best practices for merchandise presentation (as detailed in Why We Buy), managed the company social media page, and created marketing pieces for handouts and mailers. This was my first consulting project!

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