• Google Advertising

  • Win customers as they're ready to buy.

    No matter what your business is, the Google Ad network has an offering for you. Whether your goal is to get site visitors to read blogs and drive ad revenue, sign up for a free consultation, or directly purchase products, Google can help you meet it easily and cost-effectively.

  • Where You Can Be Found

    Search Network

    Reach potential customers as they are researching details on your product or service. You decide what you are willing to pay per click, the geographic area you want your ads to be delivered in, and the daily amount you want to spend.

    Display Network

    Deliver ads based on a wide range of criteria. Reach site visitors that went to a certain page, people in a specific geographic area, people that have visited your competitor's sites, and so much more.

  • Why Choose BSM?

  • Certified

    Up-to-date AdWords Professional certification, with the extensive knowledge (and documentation) to prove it.


    With over $40,000 ad spend on over 35 campaigns with over 7 companies, my portfolio speaks for itself.


    Well-versed in creating unique strategies to help small businesses get the most out of their digital marketing expenditures.


    The knowledge and ingenuity to design a plan specially tailored to your marketing goals, with the ability to deliver results.

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