• Social Media Advertising

  • Setting a new standard for advertising.

    Ad spend on social has been raising steadily year-over-year, averaging about a 62% yearly increase. It's clear why this is; social advertising is inexpensive, versatile, and practically limitless on it's potential for targeting. While I certainly wouldn't recommend putting every egg in the social advertising basket, including social as a supporting component of any marketing strategy would definitely be a smart move.

  • Where Your Message Can Be Found


    Best For: Older audiences, native advertising

    With an endless number of options, Facebook Ads allow for pinpoint targeting and detailed analytics. Connect your ads to your website to find out how your Facebook conversions are converting on-site!


    Best For: Millennial audiences, event promotion, passive referrals

    Especially useful for Millennials and Gen Z, Snapchat allows your ads to be seen by the people that are most likely to take action. With Snapchat filters, facilitate your customer's sharing their moments with their friends- through your brand.


    Best For: Networking, business development, talent acquisition

    Learn how your business can leverage LinkedIn for business development purposes. Prospecting, qualifying, and contacting all in one platform.


    Best For: Millennial, Gen Z, or women-targeted campaigns

    Create standalone Instagram ads or tether to an existing Facebook ad campaign to see how results differ between platforms.

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